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A Parent’s Letter


March 14th

Dear Tim,

When Sam first called me about going to Haiti – I thought it was a joke, my daughter – who was raised with the golden spoon wanting to go to a place like Haiti???? After the initial shock, I thought that this would be an excellent experience for Sam – to see how lucky she has been in her short life, to realize that the majority of people in the world don’t have ½ as much as she has had, and to experience “real world reality”!

After I read up on Haiti, I saw that it wasn’t the safest place in the world! I was scared to death to send my most precious treasure to a part of the world where there isn’t much safety, clean water, and just “order” in general. Then you two called me, you explained about how you would have 24/7, medical assistance if needed, and more importantly I read up on YOU! I saw you personal background – and felt anyone with the military training you had – Sam would be in good hands. I come from a military back ground, so unlike others, I “trust” our military – and have the highest respect for anyone in our Services today! This said I was still scared to death for Sam.

What impressed me the most was how you communicated with me, and others as the trip started, progressed, and ended. At all times, we could get a hold of you, but I didn’t need to – because you were contacting us via “E” mail and your WEB site. At no time did I have any concern of what Sam was doing! Then, when you were on your way home, and called me from Miami – that was great – it just concluded what I had thought all along, you were taking care of my Baby!!!

Sam has told me, and I’m very confident that Sam is in a good place, and you are truly concerned about your clients and that you care.

I felt if Sam’s going to Haiti would help her just a “little more”, it was well worth it.

Thanks again Tim,

Cran Jones


O’ Tim,

Thank you for taking the time to encourage our son to take the Haiti trip.  The experience has been one he will never forget. When we first heard about the trip we had some reservations.  You took the time to explain the benefits to both the Haitians and to the Prescott group and put our concerns to rest.

Travis loved the trip.  He had the opportunity to work hard for positive change, to shift his focus from self to others all while working and growing as a team, and in his personal relationship with God.  The trip left him feeling positive about his contribution and thankful for his blessings.  He would happily have stayed in Haiti and would love the opportunity to return.

Thank you for your example of God’s love both on the trip and beyond. We are deeply grateful for your love, encouragement and mentoring of our son.


David and Pam Humans


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