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The Experience

The Experience … a “New Normal” in Haiti

Why do we do this?

As professionals in the field of behavioral health, we understand the dynamics of traditional modalities and procedures associated with both residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Generally speaking, addiction treatment is about surrender, change, healing and service. Through our experiential outreach, clients are exposed to conditions and circumstances beyond the scope of their self-based wreckage and affliction. To experience a real shift, each individual needs to find the willingness to take direction and let go. Our program is designed with this in mind.

In it For The Cause Foundation utilizes the surroundings culture and environment of third world countries as the setting and catalyst for legitimate and authentic life change. It is our goal to open our client’s eyes to a greater purpose and position.

In conjunction with the treatment team/referring facility, In It For The Cause Foundation works to support and deepen the therapeutic process. We are not an alternative to treatment, we are a part-of treatment.

Through this outreach treatment, our recovering clients impact lives that had lost all hope, lives that have no other reason to go on except for the hope that is brought by the hard work and willingness to care more about others than ourselves.

What should I expect?

Be prepared to impact others’ lives as they impact your life. There is so much more to live for and so many struggles beyond those that we deal with in our addiction; struggles that exceed the wreckage caused by addictive and compulsive behaviors. Our issues look small in the shadow of poverty and hopelessness.

Near the end of the trip, the group travels to one of the beach resorts that are sandy and beautiful which is a rewarding process to the clients for the efforts they have put into their treatment and counseling of Haitian orphans.

In addition, the clients see and experience another culture up close. They are immersed in the culture, language and people of Haiti.
Upon returning home, there is a debriefing process with the client, their therapist and our staff reviewing how this outreach has changed their lives and the lives of those they have served. Photos are shared, experiences are discussed, and break through moments and emotions are worked through.

What’s it like?

In the mornings: There are work and counseling projects; group and discussion time.

In the afternoons and evenings: Clients and Therapists continue to participate in construction, counseling and work projects as well as teaching opportunities with the orphans and staff. Towards the end of the day we gather around a campfire to discuss what has been experienced throughout the day. Clients share the positive things they have noticed in other clients.

What about safety and security?

Our trip leaders are military trained ensuring the safety, security and protection of all participants. In addition, all trip leaders are either First Responders, Paramedics, and/or EMT’s.
Safety is our first concern along with consistency of client specific, individualized treatment and medical/medication plans.
There are a total of 10 days and a 48-hour reintegration stabilization time period after the trip.

For more information contact Tim Parker, Co-Founder and Lead Therapist for In It For The Cause Foundation at 480-353-1125.

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