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Questions & Answers

Q. Why should my family member go on this trip to Haiti?

The team that you’ve put in charge of the care of your loved one believes this trip is beneficial in their recovery. That alone speaks volumes. The space and availability for this trip is limited, so the therapists have had to be selective in whom they believe will benefit most from this trip. Let me say it this way; not all those involved in recovery treatment are ready to go, but the therapist believes your loved one is!
We realize your child may have participated in other programs or excursions. However, this trip is different. It is not a vacation. It is a “Life Changing Outreach” where we learn to care more about others than ourselves. We are all looking for treatment and experiences that can and will make the difference toward lasting sobriety and recovery; this trip is one of those experiences.

Q. What is included in the cost?

With this trip there are a total of ten (10) days involved and (2) days in follow up with your loved one, their counselor/therapist and our staff . Costs include the safety, security, monitoring, meals, daily supplies, transportation, building tools and supplies, treatment, group time, airfare, and travel insurance for your family member.
Quality care is not expensive, it’s invaluable!
We believe your family member’s experiences will have life long benefits toward their lasting sobriety and recovery. It’s truly pennies on the dollar for Life Changing Results!

Q. What about my family member’s medical condition(s)?

At one of the orphanages there is a secured medical clinic. Each of the lead staff members are Medically Trained First Responders. The Haitian hospital is approximately 10 miles from Ruuska Village and each participant in this trip has emergency medical insurance. If there was a medical emergency that could not be treated at the clinic or hospital, we would have a jet fly directly from Miami, Florida to Port-ah-Prince, Haiti and we would immediately MedEvac the injured or sick to Miami’s hospital.

Q. What if we don’t have a passport?

Part of what In It For The Cause Foundation offers in this trip is help with any passport issues. Time is of the essence with this question or issue. First, if you don’t have a passport but have a certified copy of your birth certificate, we can have an expedited passport issued usually within one (1) week’s time. If you don’t have the certified copy of a birth certificate, we can usually (depending on the State) get the birth certificate and passport within two (2) to three (3) weeks’ time.

Q. What if our passport is expired, or expires 6 months after the departure date or does not have three pages available for stamping?

If your passport is expired, will expire within six (6) months of our departure date or does not have three (3) pages available for stamping in your passport, we can usually get these issues resolved and a new expedited passport issued within one (1) week’s time.

Q. When is the next trip scheduled for?

You can find out when our next trip date is scheduled on the Trip Dates page of our website.

Q. Other Questions?

Please call us directly or email us with any additional questions you might have! We encourage you to look for ways to support the therapists and your family members desire and decision to participate in this outreach treatment.

This outreach is truly “Life Changing”!.

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