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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

“How can I help?”
“I want to be a part of this.”
“Are there things that I can do to support this other than participating in the actual trip?”

All of these statements and many more come to us everyday through calls, emails, letters and people that we run into during our travels. People care, people want to help and people are touched through the scope of this process. Below you will find some examples and suggestions that answer those types of questions. Beyond that, feel free to make some suggestions. We are an outside-in driven team. Ego plays no part in what we do; we are a team of individuals dedicated to helping people by all means necessary. View Getting Assistance for more information on how to participate.

Be creative and make an impact. You … can … make … the … difference!

Thank you for your interest and support!

Take your lunch to work one day per week for 4 weeks and donate the monies that you would have spent on lunch (usually $10 x 4 weeks) to help the orphans of Haiti. Spending more money to help is not the goal, but re-allocating what we do spend is. This process also allows us to share the “cause” with those we work with.

Be willing to forward emails to your family and friends regarding those that would like to participate in this outreach therapy. It is a healing process for both the addict and the family to openly share this addiction, their progress and desire for positive change.

Make this a “family cause” allowing you to share with your children the concern of drug and alcohol addiction and it’s affects while asking the family their thoughts and concerns regarding drugs and alcohol use.

Share “this cause” with your local church and ask for their help in sharing this cause. Church is where we are meant to share our hurts, habits and hang-ups..

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Office: (928) 237-4013
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