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Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE)

The “In It For The Cause Foundation” Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE) is a therapeutically intensive program where clients go to Haiti for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only is Haiti’s outreach a catalyst for service above self, “HOPE” takes advantage of the experiential elements found in the challenges of daily living in Haiti to more deeply effect change in clients. This transformation is rooted in tangible and rock-solid experience. Therapeutic growth and change emerge in the individual and as part of group interaction.

Therapeutic adventure is a highly effective treatment modality based on the principles of experiential therapy. “HOPE” leans against the natural world as a co-therapist, drawing upon the inherent healing properties of the experiences to address clinical issues. This process of experiencing the challenge activity and reflecting on what has been experienced increases self-awareness and self-esteem. The reactions and emotions that arise during the carefully structured challenges and service projects serve as a deep reservoir of skills that can be used throughout the client’s life. The program gives the client a unique and positive experience to carry forward in their recovery.  “HOPE” moves the client from sluggish spectator to exuberant participant. Clients take responsibility for motivation, effort, and participation. Natural consequences are direct and real for the client. For example, a client who forgets to bring a raincoat gets wet. However, no one is forced to do any particular challenge activity. This “challenge by choice” concept allows each participant to take responsibility for his or her choice.

Activities are adapted and applied as needed with different groups to ensure safety. Safety is considered on both physical and emotional levels and group members also help take responsibility for the safety of the group. This is part of therapy, in that clients adopt an attitude of respect for themselves and others. With each daily activity there is an appropriate processing and debriefing period.

The “In It For The Cause Foundation” Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE) is more than a thrill; it is built into activities to engender a therapeutic alliance. Activities such as working with orphans, starting and completing work projects or exploration of the devastation of Haiti’s recent earthquake are so inherently exciting that they nudge clients out of their comfort zone. This in turn leads to therapeutic revelations. Benefits of our Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE)

Clients in experiential therapy explore many social skills; four basic benefits are:

Recognizing social roles:

Behavior in a group dynamic provides insight into the roles clients play at work, school, in relationships, and in their family.

Improved self-management skills:

Emotions such as frustration, hostility, fear, and grief are explored through a group structure. The accomplishment of a common goal often applies to a client’s individual concerns.

Communication skills development:

Most activities require clients to ask for help from others in the group. This opportunity for social growth builds trust in others and challenges clients to look beyond themselves.

Increased cooperation:

A client’s self-centered or anti-social behaviors naturally come out during activities, so he or she acquires understanding, applies appropriate coping skills, and processes the activity immediately.

“In It For The Cause Foundation” clinical team designs each event so that clients receive the maximum therapeutic advantage. A therapist participates in each adventure challenge. The Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE) gives clients a chance to:

• Address the mind, body and spirit
• Apply metaphorical applications
• Contemplate practices in nature
• Connect to natural rhythms
• Learn creative problem solving
• Adopt healthier coping strategies
• Appreciate their natural beauty and spirituality
• Build self-esteem
• Face and overcome fears

Adventure Safety:

To participate, clients must be medically and clinically cleared with 30 days of successful stabilization at a recovery facility to ensure the client’s emotional and physical well-being.

Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE) has received some of the highest Recovery Statistics to date..

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