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Haitian Baby Bottoms and Tummies

Haitian Baby Bottoms and Tummies

There is still a great need in Haiti. The orphanages are overflowing, the buildings are still in debris, and the hope of the Haitians is low.

In It For The Cause Foundation travels to Haiti every 6 to 8 weeks taking much needed supplies to orphanages in the Cap Haitian, Quest and Bon Repos region. During our upcoming outreach trips, we will be bringing baby diapers (size 3 & 4), baby formula (both for infants and for 9-12 month olds) and baby cereal.

Due to the widespread economy problems and our policy of not paying bribes to get containers released into Haiti, the present supplies of baby diapers, formula and cereal is being depleted rapidly.

The orphanages that we presently work with use approximately 200 diapers and 4-5 cans of formula per day. This may feel like a huge task, but we believe that God has called us to help in this way.

Thank you for allowing us to share this cause with you. For more information, and/or to participate, please call Tim Parker at 480–353–1125 or email

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