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Extention of Recovery

An Extension of Recovery

“Helping ourselves through helping others.” [pullquote_right]Our program is an extension of recovery treatment, not a substitute![/pullquote_right]  These principals are highlighted throughout our experiential outreach excursions. In It For The Cause Foundation works directly with referring counselors and behavior health professionals. Treatment plans are designed in conjunction with the specific goals and progresses of the applicant as dictated by the referring party.  It is our job to maintain as clinically seamless an experience as possible. The work that begun in treatment is continued during the outreach; upon returning, the treatment team meets with the client and team leader to process and review progress notes compiled throughout the trip. Our goal is to support and enrich the therapeutic process.

We are not an alternative to traditional treatment, we are a component of treatment proven to deepen the process and unearth the deeper underlying issues responsible for addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

You can find out the certain requirements before a candidate can be considered for a trip by reading How It Works..

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Toll Free: (888) 519-5922
Office: (928) 237-4013
Cell: (480) 353-1125

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