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Heart For The Arts

A Heart For The Arts

In It For The Cause Foundation supports the arts. Through collaboration with local Haitian artists we are proud to provide resources for a new generation of artists in Haiti. It is our goal to inspire creativity, hope and expression. Through Heart for The Arts children have the ability to create, to dream and to imagine. By providing the necessary supplies and tools we can help guide these young hands as they take their internal thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams and put them down on paper. The creative expression is therapeutic as it allows for a medium to convey when words will not accurately depict: an outlet for emotional release as well as an opportunity to create something beautiful that they can be proud of and share.

With monies raised through our online and regional art auctions In It For The Cause directly supports the people of Haiti in three ways.

One, we give one third of all monies raised through our auctions directly to the artists, this is in addition to the initial price paid at time of purchase and stimulates the local artistic community. In It For The Cause is cautious in selecting a variety of artists and ensuring that monies awarded go to the individuals who created the art.

Two, we provide art supplies and creative education and direction to children during our outreach trips. Through our cooperative efforts, children who would not normally have the materials or resources to participate in more advanced artistic projects can experiment with a variety of paints and medias. Canvas, paints, quality brushes, crayons…things that we as Americans might take for granted that children would have access to are often never seen by a Haitian child. The joy and hope brought through their art is immeasurable and truly priceless.

Three, we dedicate a portion of the monies generated to specific materials necessary for building projects and physical elements necessary to complete repairs and improvements that are desperately needed.

That’s the facts. One, two, Three. One third allocated to each of the areas described above. Not confusing and entirely transparent and in the open. Any and all help is appreciated and all artwork purchased subsidizes this groundbreaking program. It’s a win, win deal. The art looks great in your house as well and serves as a reminder of our Heart for the Arts and the support of people far less fortunate than ourselves.

To rebuild a nation takes more than the basic necessities, although clearly those come first. This aspect of our program is in addition to the first priority need based relief. Our lofty goal is to help inspire the Haitian community to learn to help themselves. We offer our helping hand but the real change and growth will come from within. Please join us in our efforts to support the youth of Haiti. Share your Heart for the Arts and bring a vital gift of joy and peace to a place where hope is in short supply. Your participation can make the difference.

What Is It?

Art therapy is a therapeutic technique that incorporates various forms of visual arts (including drawing, painting, and related techniques) as a means of communicating. Art therapy is designed to help individuals who have been struggling with addiction, trauma, depression, grief, or other types of physical, mental, or emotional challenges.

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

By using pencils, paints, or various other media, art therapy patients (the orphans of Haiti and/or other under privileged children) are able to express emotions without having to put these feelings into words.  Art therapy offers unique insights due to the nature of its three way process between the client, the therapist and the image or artifact.

Art therapy may be conducted in individual and group settings. It is not age restrictive either. It is beneficial for both the younger and the older participant.

What are the Benefits of Art Therapy?

Art therapy offers a number of benefits to individuals who are being treated for a variety of issues and conditions.

First, art therapy provides patients with the opportunity to address issues or express themselves in ways that transcend spoken or written language. Significant emotional experiences such as addiction recovery and trauma recovery are likely to prompt feelings or memories that cannot easily be put into words. Art therapy resolves this by providing a unique means of expression.
Second, the act of creating visual images is a right-brain activity. The right brain is the part of the brain where visual memories are stored, as well as the area of the brain that is relied upon the most prior to the development of a person’s ability to use spoken language.

And the third benefit is that art therapy takes both therapist and client out of the “traditional” therapeutic environment of one-on-one or group discussions. This change may free the patient up to identify and address issues that he or she was too guarded or hesitant to address in the course of traditional individual or group therapy.

What Conditions/Disorders Does Art Therapy Treat?

Art therapy can be beneficial in a wide range of disorders and conditions, including addiction recovery, trauma recovery, grief/loss treatment, sex addiction recovery, compulsive gambling recovery, and treatment for mental and emotional challenges such as depression, panic, anxiety and other related conditions.


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