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  • The Experience

    Through this outreach treatment, our recovering clients impact lives that had lost all hope, lives that have no other reason to go on except for the hope that is brought by the hard work and willingness to care more about others than ourselves.

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  • How It Works

    The Haiti Outreach Program Experience (HOPE) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where we travel to Haiti for a therapeutically intensive program. Our trip is tailored toward those in rehabilitation for addictive behaviors and co-occuring disorders.

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  • Getting Assistance

    We believe this experience has such an impact we have come up with some options that might help candidates who would not normally be able to participate, become eligible to join us on international outreach.

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  • Getting Involved

    There are many ways to get involved, change lives and help with our mission. People care, people want to help and people are touched through the scope of this process. Here you will find some examples and suggestions that answer those types of questions.

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Welcome to In It For The Cause Foundation!

Haiti Outreach … Addiction Recovery Treatment That Changes Lives! Helping Ourselves Through Helping Others. To learn more about this treatment therapy give us a call Toll Free: (888) 519-5922, Office: (928) 237-4013, Cell: (480) 353-1125. We would love to share in more detail about this experiential treatment that changes lives and has proven to be helpful in the journey to sustained sobriety and recovery.

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What to Expect?

Our program is tailored toward those in rehabilitation for addictive behaviors and co-occuring disorders. Impact others as they impact your life. Read More

An Extension of Recovery

We believe our program is an extension of treatment, not a substitute. Certain requirements before a candidate can be considered for a trip. Read More

Questions & Answers

Still in need of more answeres to your questions? Check out our FAQ page for additional support on our most frequently asked questions. Read More

Haitian Baby Bottoms & Tummies

Thank you to everyone that has participated with the baby diaper, formula, and baby cereal drive. The goal of every trip is 1,000 pounds of supplies. Read More

Our Professional Staff

Our trip leaders are license therapists, and trained military ensuring the safety, security and protection of all participants. In addition all are either First Responsers, Paramedics, and/or EMT’s. Read More

A Heart For The Arts

Join in on the much needed humanitarian effort to support extraordinary art created on the ground in Haiti. All the proceeds from our silent auction go to support the artists and their families in Haiti. Read More


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